Hello, my name is Sylvan. It's a pleasure to meet you.

My Story

More About Me

I started designing websites at 10 years old. I instantly fell in love with the work and was always eager to learn new tricks and bring this passion forward. With my parents owning a small business, I began to see a need for small businesses to have access to high end design and web development.

Passion for design

Before discovering my passion for web design, I always found myself designing posters or making logos for fun. This made me want to broaden my skills which opened the door to designing websites.

Discovering WordPress

In my early days of web design, I developed everything from scratch using HTML and CSS with Dreamweaver. I wanted to expand my skills and try something new, and when I came across WordPress, I loved it.

Design Process

My workflow

I always follow a specific workflow when I’m working on a design project. In this way, I can keep everything organized and will assure my client they’re getting what they want.


When we first begin the project I ask questions about your brand and what it is you’re looking for. I like to get a very clear picture of the use functionality my client is looking for. Only then I can deliver a product that both parties are happy with.


After I have an understanding of the client’s needs, I’ll start designing the first part of the website with wireframing. This is the process where I design in grey without any colors and styling options. Then, I share this design and when the client agrees to the overall layout, I begin the visual design, and make it come to life by adding colors and details.


Once the design is done and the client is happy with the final design, I’ll install WordPress and the required plugins for the website. Then I will start creating the pages one by one and send preview links of the website to the client. This makes it simple to get feedback and assures the they’re getting exactly what they want.


After all the pages are developed in WordPress, I share the link again with the client. We will look at the final project and make any last edits to make the website perfect. After receiving final payment, I will put the website live.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can feel intimidating to start a new project. Therefore, I’ve put together some of the most common questions I get.

Yes! I use the latest software to make it easy for clients to edit the text, images, and other elements on the pages. If you prefer to let me do the heavy-lifting, I offer a small Maintenance Package at $240/year that includes small content changes to your website.

My basic business websites that I design start at $900 and go up to $3,000. The final price will depend on the design and functionality you are seeking on your website.

You! I won’t own any part of your website. If you request, I can give you full admin rights to the backend and you can even delete me as a user.

The only thing that I own is adding the website to my portfolio.

Usually, it takes approximately one month. Sometimes it may take longer as we will go through different revisions of the project to make your website perfect.

I offer a Maintenance Care Package at $240 per year. This includes monthly software updates, backups, uptime monitoring, security enhancements, and small content changes.

If you are are seeking web hosting for your website, I offer a Maintenance & Web Hosting package at $480 per year.

Yes! After the project is complete, we will provide training so clients will know how to keep their website updated.