A fresh collection of websites that I've designed

The Bookery wanted a website to showcase their business and who they are. They also wanted a clean online store that was easy to manage since they were previously using eBay to ship out orders.
The goal of this website was to showcase past productions from years prior. Paul also wanted to integrate the website with an online ticketing system to make it super easy to purchase tickets.
The goal of this website was to create a fresh and clean look where Katie’s yoga students could book classes online and explore more about her business: Connect, Grow, and Nourish.
The old website was made with outdated software and difficult to make changes to. Justin Gatling, assistant principal of EDHS was looking for a refreshed design and a clean back-end. He also wanted more focus on each Sport, since the old website was not user friendly.
Tony wanted a very simple website that was easy for customers to get information about the store, as well as showcasing their photos and products. He also wanted the ability to easily edit the website himself.
The goal of this website was to create an easy to use website with a quick overview of each course in the VAPA department.